Please identify this Lenovo ad campaign font

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Does anyone know the font that appears in the red banners? Thanks!

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Looks like Gridnik.

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Thanks Renko! Do you know where I can buy it? The Foundry site seems a little vague...

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it must be Foundry Gridnik
Edit: too late :)

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Great, thanks everyone for your speedy help!

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You are welcome, Mark. AFAIK Gridnik is only available via the foundrytypes site. If you need a similar font (via immediate download at fontshop) you could have a look at Blender by Nik Thoenen.

A question: Which font did you use at your own website (besides DIN)?

As the image upload is defect again, I mean the typeface for »Your identity is a valuable system …«

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Mark told me via PM that he uses FF Good by Łukasz Dziedzic. Thanks, Mark, for the info.

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