Weight Gradation

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For the cases where you have light and dark extremes on a weight axis, how do you guys decide where to "place" the eventual weights of the font? I'm wondering not just about the -somewhat subjective, or at least vague- issue of what's a good "Regular" weight, but also what relationships the different weights in a family should have, especially when there are more than two weights released.

This question isn't new in my mind, but it was rekindled by looking at Terminal Design's Giacomo* - so I very much hope James will participate.

* http://www.terminaldesign.com/index_giacomo.php


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> A Medium should be a good substitute for Regular

That correlates well with my impression that Giacomo's Medium could be used to make fake smallcaps with the Regular, but the other steps are a bit large for that.

Thanks for the elaboration! It seems to make a lot of sense.

Any other insights from others?


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Yeah, I like Luk[as]'s analytical angle.

But come on, guys, doesn't anybody else have insights about how to choose weights?
What, you rely on dice or something?

Like Joe, TF-Arrow has 10 weights, right? So please spill the beans, man! :-)


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