Can anyone identify this font please?

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Is it not legible?

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It’s legible but too small to spot any characteristics.

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Galaxy Polaris is not it.

Could you guys identify it with this picture? It's a little blurry though.

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Can anyone please ID this font?

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You've just blown up the picture in the previous post, doesn't make any difference, really, to identifiability: It's a fairly open-countered sans with a straight-leg R. (Gotham? Usually is these days.) But then we knew that. The seemingly straight-ending C and S are vestiges of the extremely small size.

Maybe detective work could help? Where did you find this?

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I found it here -

The distinctive C & S is why I want to find this font so badly. Gotham doesn't look like that at smaller sizes.

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The words could be small caps of Apex New.

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That's it! It's Apex New. Thanks a lot!

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Is there a rounded equivalent to Apex New?

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