Looking for Font used in 2011 MTV VMA's

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Hi there,

I'm looking to find the name of this font.
it's tall, thin, and rounded:

Thank you!

look through the stills in this project for more frames:


Miso is the closest font i've been able to find, but iI can tell that it's not, by looking at the O's:


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You should move the thread (using the Edit link) to the Type ID Board (also a screenshot would be nice).

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How about: Maniakers Design/Sato, Masayuki/232MKSDRoundUltraLight


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Thanks y'all! Its definitely 232MKSD, though.

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Yep. In those adds seems to be 232MKSD, I noticed by looking at the 'C'.

But in the website they used Terminal Dosis

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