Font Bros 2.0 Has Arrived!

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Inspired by electro-mechanical amusements and vending machines, on August 15th, 2006, the original Font Bros website came to life featuring the one-of-a-kind Selectronic font categorization tool to help folks find the fonts they were looking for quickly and easily.

We were thrilled to usher in each year a cadre of new font releases from the talented foundries, font authors and lettering artists whom we consider ourselves fortunate to represent at Font Bros. We also enjoyed the emergence of these wonderful fonts in popular culture from signs, television programs and commercials on down to being the most talked about monogram fonts on the internet.

Inspired by the quality of the typefaces we represent at Font Bros, it was at Typecon in 2009 that we decided they deserved a more loving home and our customers wanted more from their experience with our site, we agreed and felt the time was right to set our sights on making this our mission.

It’s taken us over two and a half years, lots of critical thinking, loads of conversations and being able to let the talented developers at ClearSFG do the things they’re best at to help us realize our vision and make it even better than we’d hoped it could be!

If you're a font author and you'd like to distribute your works with us, please drop us a line at and we'd love to speak with you further about distributing your library! We offer among the best royalty rates in the industry of which you keep 65% of every sale and OEM license we arrange plus a bonus 5% on every sale you send our way even if its not one of your fonts that is sold.

Take the new site for a spin, kick the tires and let us know what you think as we continue to roll out new features and updates throughout the year at:

Mike & Stuart
The Font Bros

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Seems to be hanging at the moment (2pm Mountain)

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Scratch that. It's back! Looks nice!

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Thanks Darrel! We got pounded with traffic but have adjusted accordingly and are now serving pages at top speed!

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Looks sharp my man!
Congrats, and good sales.


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Thanks Hrant!

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Nice! I like that the original feel is still there, but refined and polished

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Thanks Kemie! And we'll be pleased to have your wonderful Pixelate fonts up very soon! :D

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I really like it! Excellent Work! Keep it up!

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But... still no PayPal option, which unfortunately makes it impossible for me (without creditcard) to use it. Any chance you add support for PayPal in the future?

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@ Jeffery, Looks like you didn't get all the way to checkout after the basket page Jeffery, of course we offer PayPal! Let us know if you have trouble checking out by submitting a support request at the site!

@ Danny, thanks for your kind words!

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I only checked your FAQ and support pages... sorry :(

That's great news, I love FontBros' original approach to font browsing and categorisation!

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Thanks for the kind words Danny! We wanted to retain the core that was attractive to our users and enhance the UIX!

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