Serif Used on Academy Awards Nominated Movie Titles ????

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Anybody know what the lovely modern was that was used on the movie titles of last night's Academy Awards (84th)? I'm talking about the pink-hued titles that flashed as the announcers were calling out the nominated movies? Sorry, can't find a screen shot anywhere.

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not sure exactly, but archer from hfj was used extensively for the rest of the show.

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Hi Natalie and welcome to Typophile. If I understood you correctly — you are referring to the ornaments around the tittle as shown in the images below. I think ASTYPE has fonts which are similar. Also, have a look at Nat Vignette, as well as at fonts by Intellecta Design.

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The serif in the image is a Baskerville.

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The Sans should be Gotham. Rounded or not that is the question.

Some of the vignette design i've seen as a free downloadable vector file elsewhere.

Hm, eventually in this files?

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It IS Baskerville!...Somehow the G seemed just a tad more special than the usual Baskerville. Thanks for all your help.

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