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I'm working on a text set in Baskerville (MT) which has a few Japanese names with a macron, such as "Jun'ichirō". Unfortunately, Baskerville doesn't seem to offer this in the glyphs panel. Any suggestions/similar fonts with this diacritic? Thank you.

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A starting point:

Unfortunately, it doesn't work perfectly, so it's better to check the availability of the needed characters using the preview text too.

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Doesn't the font have a separate macron which you could just kern over the character(s) in question? That would be the best solution.
If you do use a different font, I'd advise to use it only for the macron, not the complete o-with-macron. (Edit: Or just switch to a different cut of Baskerville altogether that has everything you need – but that may not be an option.)

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It also depends on the nature and possible future use of the text in question. The kerned macron solution would be good just for printed matter.
One solution I have seen (but advise against) is replacing the macron with a circumflex.

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An alternative to the circumflex (which is AFAIK archaic) would be Junichiroo.


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The Baskerville on my Mac does include the o-macron. Version 7.0d4e2

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