Finding a pair sans-serif typeface for serif in a design

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I have such a problem - I want firm typeface that would look good with a logotype that consist serif typeface (Adobe Jenson Pro). I want that alternative font to be sans-serif for showing that company is reliable and has long lasting experience but also is modern.
I don't want that modern typeface to have similar contrast and rhythm. For example if I'm trying to use Myriad Pro Semi Condensed it looks like I'm trying imitate Adobe Jenson Pro in a "modern way" and its cheaply straightforward.

So are there any methods for finding a pair?


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Has that long-time page been updated recently?
There are always new fonts coming out...


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Well, I think it’s not a matter of new fonts coming out, but of methods and suggestions. Maybe it doesn’t link to all the threads about typeface pairing we had on Typophile, but surely it remains a good resource.
That said, it’s a wiki page, so anyone with enough goodwill can update it.

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