Image upload is NOT WORKING again

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Usually I stick to Safari on Mac, IE (latest whatever version) on Win. I can't recall when it worked with either of these. But yet since I see images pop up in others' posts so yesterday, I gave it a desperate last go using Firefox, and that worked.

Oh wait, here at work it works with IE 8 as well:

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yet since I see images pop up in others' posts

My impression is that it's not the browser, but rather the file size: images smaller than 130k seem to work.
I'm disappointed that has remained a bug for so long.

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> Usually I stick to Safari on Mac... I can't recall when it worked

I've uploaded many images here using Safari on my Mac, so I don't think it's a browser issue.

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My latest attempts was files smaller than 130kB.

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It's a point of huge frustration - but we're still trying to isolate where this bug is coming from. All the things we can see/control point to much higher filesize limits. We'll keep pounding on it...

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As a test I'm uploading the same image in 2 different sizes to see if the file size causes a problem:

61 k file:

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When I tried uploading the same image as a 233 k file I got this error message:

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FWIW, I never have a problem - although my files are rarely large.
(Firefox on Win-XP.)


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i used Safari when first attempting to upload the image in the "Symbol for certainty/uncertainty" thread, and it failed. For a next post I really wanted to show my image so I decided to give FF a try. That worked, so I revisited this post and could upload it. The very same image file that failed before w/Safari.

Paint me clueless.

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