60s-used (64) stretched long, stylised a, any ideas/similar?

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Hi, - just wondering if anyone familiar with 60s-used fonts might recognise this from a 64 brochure? - cheers

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Definitely not 60's but similar:

Zeppelin 51 by Frantisek Storm (2005)

Similar, free, different /a: Walkway UltraExpand by Graham Meade (GemFonts)

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- definitely in the right area, thanks - that zeppelin 51's rather nice. Guess if necessary I could compress it, and then add extend the lines up/down by hand..! - cheers

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It could be Venus Extended, or possibly a hand-drawn copy of it. Unfortunately, Scangraphics Venus SB Medium Extended appears to be the only digital version of Venus Extended, and your sample is a much lighter weight.

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- cheers chaps!

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