Font Aid Update: the full list of fonts where 100% goes to Font Aid

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Here's the full list of fonts included in the Font Aid III appeal. To remind you, from Jan 14 to Feb 14 2005, 100% of money spent at MyFonts on these fonts is donated to Direct Relief International, a major charity targeting relief at victims of the South Asian Tsunami.

There's never been a better time to expand your font library, with a splendid selection of sans and serifs, delightful decoratives, seductive scripts, funky fonts and picture fonts. All best-sellers from their respective foundries, highlights include:

Serif: Zapf Renaissance, Goudy Trajan
Sans: Today, Paralucent, Infinity, Quimera, TV Nord, Bank Gothic
Scripts: Cezanne, Mea Culpa, Elegion, Secret Scrypt, About Face, Neue Luthersche Fraktur, Chalk, Troubadour
Funky & decorative: Softie, Blackstone, Dixplay, Hot Fudge, Retrofit, Rostra, Gf Selfcensor, Snoopy Snails, Durer Caps
Picture: Holiday Doodles Too, Lil' Diddles One, Altemus Sports

You've only got until February 14 to buy these fonts under the Font Aid scheme, so if you see some on the list you've been wondering about buying for a while - please hurry! And if you know others that may be interested in buying fonts this way, do let them know.

See previews of all FIFTY type families in the Font Aid III appeal, and read more about Font Aid:


Here's a complete listing of all 50 families.

About Face (Wilton Foundry) - from $29.00

Altemus Arabesques (Altemus Creative) - from $22.00

Arts And Crafts-GS (Bannigan Artworks) - from $19.95

Bank Gothic (Bitstream) - from $24.75

Gf Blackmail (Gigofonts) - from $49.75

Blackstone (Chris Costello) - from $28.75

Bosin (Australian Type Foundry) - from $25.00

P22 Cezanne (P22) - from $19.95

Chalk (Elemeno) - from $15.00

Cross Stitch (Gerald Gallo) - from $20.00

Daisy (GeoBoFonts) - from $15.00

Dixplay (Emtype Foundry) - from $35.00

Dominique (Canada Type) - from $19.95

Drop_it (Just in Type) - from $18.00

P22 Durer Caps (IHOF) - from $19.95

Elegeion Script (Patricia Lillie) - from $12.00

Eucaliptus (TypeArt Foundry) - from $29.95

Gorod.Khabarovsk (FontCity) - from $30.00

Gorod.Tsaritsyn (FontCity) - from $30.00

Goudy Trajan (CastleType) - from $49.00

Holiday Doodles Too (Outside the Line) - from $29.00

Hot Fudge BV (Blue Vinyl Fonts) - from $22.00

Infinity (Thirstype) - from $39.00

Latin Wide CT (CastleType) - from $49.00

Letterpress Text (Chris Costello) - from $22.75

Lil' Diddles One (Patricia Lillie) - from $25.00

Mea Culpa (TypeSETit) - from $24.95

Neue Luthersche Fraktur SB (Scangraphic Digital Type Collection) - from $39.50

Paralucent (Device) - from $99.00

Quimera (PampaType) - from $82.00

Retrofit (Vanderfont) - from $29.00

RomanSanSer (GeoBoFonts) - from $18.00

Rostra (Tail Spin Studio) - from $20.00

SansFractions (Boover Software) - from $29.99

Secret Scrypt (Canada Type) - from $19.95

Gf Selfcensor (Gigofonts) - from $24.95

SeriFractions (Boover Software) - from $29.99

Smash (Cool Fonts) - from $24.00

Snoopy Snails NF (Nick's Fonts) - from $20.00

SnowflakeAssortment (Gerald Gallo) - from $20.00

Softie (Tail Spin Studio) - from $20.00

Altemus Sports (Altemus Creative) - from $22.00

Today SH (Scangraphic Digital Type Collection) - from $39.50

Troubadour (Cruz Fonts) - from $38.00

TVNord (Elsner+Flake) - from $34.95

Typochondriac (TypeArt Foundry) - from $29.95

Universally Corrupt (The Type Fetish) - from $25.00

FZ Xiao Zhuan Ti S13 (Founder) - from $29.00

FZ Ying Bi Xing Shu S16 (Founder) - from $29.00

Zapf Renaissance (Elsner+Flake) - from $34.95

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