Baskerville/Franklin Biographical Sketch

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I remember reading about two years ago a short (maybe 15-page) scholarly account of the interactions of Baskerville and Benjamin Franklin. I'd found it as a PDF, and it had inset pictures and illustrations.

I'm pretty sure it was this, but I'm not positive:

At any rate, I was hoping to find it as a PDF (need to show it to someone), but I can't find any online. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Thanks.

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It wasn't this Monticello: the History of a Typeface article, I suppose.

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Neither is the exact one I'm remembering, but they're both good.

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I don't know the online availability, but the original source for the letter in which Franklin writes Baskerville about his prank is:

John Nichols, Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century (London: Nichols & Son and Bentley, 1812), 3: 454-55.

I quote it in my article 'Readability and Revival: The Case of Caslon,' in last summer's edition of Printing History.

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