Alternatives to font?

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Thank you for your comments.

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"Georgia or Calibri"? I think you need to press the client to articulate what they don't find suitable about Franklin Gothic, and find out what they are trying to achieve with the alternates suggested. It is really critical to the feedback process to fully understand what the client is trying to say, especially when they are not used to expressing those ideas in terms that are not solutions to the problem, but rather defining the problem and goals. Saying 'use Calibri' is a solution, but what problem and goal is it addressing? You need to know the answer to that question to find a solution.

p.s. you can also explain that your job is to design effective communication, not discover things that the client happens to like. Focus on the message and the audience, not the personal preferences of the client.

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> Any suggestions for a font that might make him happy and may have more than two weights?

The standard ITC Franklin Gothic family has four weights, I believe — Book, Medium, Demi, and Heavy.

Georgia Pro has four weights — Light, Regular, Bold, and Black — if you’re just looking to “make the client happy.”

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I based the metrics and weight of Brown Gothic Extra Bold and Extra Bold Condensed on the original Franklin Gothic.
The full Brown Gothic family has lots of weights.

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Instead of digressing this thread:


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Tee Franklin, Benton Sans, Trade Gothic.

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