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This cocktail book is being created for a typography class. So if you have any feedback about the current typeface or any ideas for ways to include more text into this cover that would be a big help. I will also take any feedback about any other aspects of the design. Thanks!

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Does "cocktail book" mean a book about how to mix different drinks, or something else? Is this supposed to look good in a bookstore, or on, both, or someplace else? What size is the book? Who is the target audience? Is "Mixtour" one word? What do you mean by "more text"?

I like this cover; it looks nice. Maybe there should be more of a contrast between "Mix" and "tour". To me, it's in that in-between area between contrast and conflict. Maybe make "mix" a different color, such as the orange in the drink. Or have it be taller and stick out of the bottom and top of the box. Or both.

I don't design book covers. This is just one opinion.

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It's a cocktail recipe book containing classic drinks such as the margarita and the mojito. There are also illustrations inside for each recipe similar to the illustration on the cover that show you how much of each ingredient to add.

I haven't given much thought to whether it would be sold in a book store or online.

The book is 6x5 inches.

Originally the target audience was going to be women who dislike the taste of alcohol. The overall theme plan was "girly drinks". As the project progressed I decided that I didn't want to limit the audience to just women, there may be men that feel the same way about the flavor of alcohol. So the design got slightly more neutral.

"Mixtour" is one word for my book.

Since this a project for a typography class, I don't want it to appear like I barely used any text on the cover, but if I add more, such as adding something like "take a tour of these classic cocktail recipes" below the title, would that help...or would that destroy the title that currently looks alright by cluttering it?

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll give them a try!

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"I haven't given much thought to whether it would be sold in a book store or online."

You should decide this, or define it yourself, because designing something that looks good as a postage-stamp-sized icon is different than designing a book that looks good in a bookstore.

I have two thoughts, not so much about design, but more about books. One is that I expect to see the author's name on the cover.

And here's the other. Many nonfiction books have a subtitle that clarifies what the book is about.
--Cocktail Mixtour: Mix beautiful drinks and meet beautiful people
--Cocktail Mixtour: How to mix drinks and become an independent bartender
--Cocktail Mixtour: Mix sweet drinks and stay on your diet

But, whether it's in the title or you are just adding some text to the cover, it's still appropriate, especially if you are designing for the bookstore. If you go down this road it may be best to take your title out of the box and put it right on the yellow background.

I hope someone else checks in with the typographic advice that you actually requested.

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I haven't given much thought to where the book would be sold, because it's not actually going to be sold. This is a project for school, but if it were actually going to be sold, I would imagine it in a book store. Your comment about a design looking good as postage-stamp-sized icon is different than designing a book that looks good in a bookstore, was actually extremely helpful. I see what your saying now.

I agree about adding the authors name. That's actually something I meant to ask my instructor about. We are not technically the authors of these book. We were told to look up recipes online and cite them on a page in our book. So I'm not really sure if I can technically put an author.

Your idea about adding a subtitle is also good. That will make it look more like a book and add another design element to the slightly boring design.

I will try a few variations of your suggestions and see what looks best. Thanks again

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