Klavika alternatives

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Looking for alternatives to Klavika, which is surely but steadily becoming overused, sadly.

Any suggestions for something similar in letterforms?


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If you don't mind it being free, I quite like Titillium as a Klavika alternative: http://www.campivisivi.net/archivio/_titillium/titillium2010/index.html

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Web sites such as MyFonts and Identifont will show you “similar to” typefaces.

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For something squarish, with some warmth, and relatively recent check out Akko.

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What is the logic of using something "similar" to something you think is "overused"? Wouldn't it make more sense to go with a different style instead of trying to match letterforms?

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This older thread has a number of suggestions.

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Jackson, I'd start a new thread with that interesting point.


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Well..it's a the right kind of typeface for the project, BUT specifically, Klavika is rather recognisable and having something similar (but distinct) is extremely useful here..

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Also check out Neo Sans and Soho Gothic, both from Seb Lester.

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This one? ;)

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