Need help modifying arabic font

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A client requested that some changes to be made to several glyph in an arabic font. I used Fontographer 5 to make the changes. The font i generated works satisfactorily in InDesign ME but wouldn't work in MS Word.

For the time being, this is fine. But i'd like the font to work in both Adobe and MS Word. Now, i did some reading on this forum to know that i need to have OpenType Layout Table working with the font. Since the changes i made to the original glyphs are minimal, is there any way i can extract the table from the original font and compile it with the new one?

If i'm doing this wrong, could anyone point me to the right way to do this?

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Does the original font's EULA allow third-party modification?


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TTX is the first thing that comes to mind.

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yes... the original font allows modification.

i'll look into TTX. thanks for the help

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I don't think any vendor will allow you to modify their fonts. Who is the original author?

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Some vendors do, for example Adobe.


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Since the OP has an answer...

I don't think any vendor will allow you to modify their fonts

Why wouldn't they? They've been paid for their work. I've found that most of the useful publishers will allow it, if you ask permission. Not for redistribution, of course, unless it is work published under one of the open source licenses.

I'm aware I've just called several publishers useless... YMMV.

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