MAC / Windows font license rules

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I know that purchasing a font or having one come with you computer does not mean you can use it anyway you desire. People and companies have bought font license assuming they own it and can use it for websites. Their license did not include web usage and they have run into legal issues or can potentially run into legal issues in the future.

(As far as I know) The standard fonts that come with Mac and Windows computer come with a license for printed material. Purchasing fonts as well comes with a license for printer material. Does that include silk screening on clothes or does that require purchasing a separate license?

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You will get a much better response to this question by asking it in the general forum rather than the seldom viewed education forum.

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Thanks. How can I get it moved? I don't want to double post.

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Using the Edit link.

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As always, it depends on the EULA. Some foundries request further fees for specific uses.

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Screen printing—or serigraphy, if you prefer—is simply another printing method: if a foundry's EULA prohibits use in silkscreening, buy your fonts from someone else.

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Most foundries’ licenses include pretty much any kind of printing on any object, without additional fees. A few such as House Industries have some additional clauses that you need to watch out for, however!

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