Need help with Adobe Illustrator CS5.1...

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For those who are proficient in Adobe Illustrator CS5.1, please watch my video and tell me 1)where I'm going wrong and/or 2)what step(s) I need to take next. Thank you. If the 1st link doesn't work (embedded link), try the 2nd link.


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I don't think you're "going wrong" anywhere, it's simply that the Shape Builder tool doesn't get you all the way there, and you seem to basically understand what needs to be done next. Since some of the anchor points are overlapping, first move the paths away from each other, then break them apart into pieces using the scissor tool. To avoid issues with overlapping anchors, I'd suggest breaking every anchor to get nine short paths. Use those pieces to assemble the shape's three main curves with smooth joins, then move those into position and reconnect the corner joins.

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The same think can be easily achieved with the pathfinder tool.

1. Make the eye-like shape by means of overlapping two circles and leaving only the overlapping part.

2.Make three copies of the shape and flip one of them to 60* and the other to -60*.

3. Overlap the three shapes and join them into one.

Get it?

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That's another way to create the basic shape, but the OP's objective is to make the path follow one continuous circuit. I don't see how that can be done using Pathfinder tools.

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I dont see what do you mean. You just join the tree shapes into one.

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Join them how? Unite them? That doesn't create a single, self-intersecting path as described in the video (at 2:16). Your method does suggest a cleaner solution though.

1. Create a crescent shape by overlapping two circles and Pathfinder > Intersect.

2. Break the sharp anchors with the scissor tool and delete the larger arc.

2. Make two copies and rotate one of them 120° and the other -120°.

3. Move them into position and connect the anchors with Object > Path > Join.

4. Rotate 30°.

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Take a look at this tutorial:

for my solutions you need two of the finctions - intersect and then combine.

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Correction to step 1 above: creating a crescent shape is done with Pathfinder > Minus Front, not Intersect.

Whatever method you use to create the shape with Pathfinder, I'm still pretty sure you'll have to manually break it apart and reassemble in order to get the single, continuous path the OP describes in his video.

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For that effect yes, he does. I thought he wanted the text to follow the edges of the shape. My mistake if he does not...

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