What are these two fonts?

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There are two fonts on this wedding invitation:

Here is the website with more photos:

Do you know the names of the fonts or where I can get a free download of them?


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That script is really nice — no way you will find a legit free version of that.

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The script is Adios Script by Alejandro Paul.

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Thanks - I think I found Adios for free that works.
Would anyone know the second font displayed here: http://www.strawberrysorbet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/cache/Katie-Close-u...

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Ashley, Adios isn’t free!

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Frank - you can find anything for free if you only use the power of GOOGLE :D
I found it here
[Link removed by admin, see note below]

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Off course you can — that’s not the point. Alejandro designs type for a living, and you are not only stealing his work, but also bragging about it in front of a forum of type designers. Do you have any idea how many hours is spent designing a quality typeface?

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What Frode wrote. I have removed the link. This is not the place to share links to pirated fonts. Please adhere to Typophile’s forum guidelines: http://typophile.com/readme
Thank you.

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Ashley, take this opportunity to figure out
why paying for fonts might be a good idea.


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Ashley - Allow me to modify something you wrote here to make it a true statement:

>> You can find almost anything downloadable without paying for it if you only use the power of GOOGLE :D <<

If Google leads you to something that isn't actually free, but rather the product of someone's labor which they ask payment for - and you take it without paying, what does that make you?

If you decide that taking such an item without paying is OK simply because it's "out there" and you can ... well, nothing anyone here is saying will make any difference to you.

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Hey, I found this for free too........

Well, almost free. It was $99 on MyFonts.

It has 1470 glyphs including 43 variants of the lower case "h". Without OT coding, spacing and kerning taken into consideration that's 6.7cents per glyph.

You see? Almost free!!

Go here Ashley,

It's even quicker than stealing it.

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