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I found the shape at the bottom to be confusing. At first I thought it was a face wearing glasses, with the dot being the mouth, but the attached key made no sense. After staring at it a minute I saw a wind-up mouse, with the dot being the eye. If it's a mouse then a tail would help.

> My company name is Quirky Lab

Sorry, don't see "lab" in the shape.

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Quirky CIB?

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I saw Quirky Lab, I didn't see the mouse until I looked at the white on black version, and I didn't see the 4 until you mentioned it in your post.

I guess my first suggestion would be to have a think about what your logo communicates to people, and if this is how you want to be seen. To me the logo comes across as being basic and simple, almost like a child's toy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, if that's what you're going for.

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