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Hello folks,

Having done some Arabic typesetting in the past, I now need to set a few pages in Persian for a book. This has made me realise the many subtle differences between Arabic and Persian typesetting (bit slow, I know). Apparently it is difficult to find information on this in English on the web, and I have this particularly nagging (because visually prominent) question:

in Persian, should there always be a space between a conjunctive waw and the following word?
is this space (if mandatory) breakable, or no line breaks are allowed after it?

For example:
in Arabic you would write "wasalAm"

in Persian, do you write "wa salAm"?
و سلام

is that an optional thing?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

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Are you sure it wasn't a mistake (like double spaces in Latin)?

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Well, the sample I have is a text of 6-7 pages set at a university in Iran, and this spacing is throughout. If it is plain wrong, then I guess it means their typesetting is really bad, that's why I would like to confirm with someone who has experience on this.

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BTW, in Arabic both forms are permitted depending on the preference of the author (it is partly regional), I myself use a thin non-breaking space for typeset material, otherwise no space at all to avoid a waw by itself at the end of the line (which is as bad as a comma at the beginning of a line). No idea about Persian, though.

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Maybe it's late to answer this, but as a Persian native I have to say both forms are permitted. but the first one is more legible, because "wa" means "and" in Persian and that could cause ambiguity.

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