Looking for similar face with a family

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Legacy Gold (House Industries), comes in only one weight with no italics. Does anyone know a similar font that comes with a full complement of weights and italics? Unfortunately, I am having javascript errors on my end trying to upload the image file of the font. So if you want to help me out, you’ll have to go the extra step of seeing what Legacy Gold looks like on your end. I’ve never had a problem with the upload process before, so as a side issue, if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, let me know.

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These wide cuts of gothics rarely come with italics.
For weights you might wanna try ITC Blair.

Oh and btw, you must mean Luxury Gold (not Legacy).

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Some suggestions for alternatives to Luxury Gold: Sweet Sans (9 weights w italics), Aviano Sans (5 weights, no italics), Ronsard Crystal (5 styles, no italics), Sackers Gothic (3 weights, Alternates, no italics)

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You might commission an extension. And something sufficiently
different like an Italic could even be done outside of House,
like maybe via the original designer (Christian Schwartz).


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Yes, I did mean Luxury Gold. Not the first mistake I made today. Thank you all for all the help. In terms of look, it’s a trade off. It’s either the wide width. Or the look and attitude of the characters without the width. Definitely need upper and lower case, so to make a long story even longer, for wide gothics, may use Sweet Sans or even Univers exteneds, or Helvetica Neue extended. For not-extened faces, I could use Neutraface or even Gill Sans.


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