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Hi there.

I need to provide a short description about my typeface for a publication (deadline: today!), and as I'm not sure about a detail, I need some advices from experimented type designers. Here's my text:

Chiavari is an elegant stencil which makes it a fashionable typeface for display uses, headlines and signage. Chiavari explores some particularities of both modern and renaissance typefaces, oscillating between a vertical and an oblique axis. It plays on the disappearance of the hairlines while geometric serifs and rectangular thin strokes give it a radical and modern twist.

I have a doubt about the axis theory, witch in my case is mostly vertical, but on all curves, I made a pen rotation, as you do when you wanna draw a oblique axis based typeface.

It would be awesome if you could sen me your thoughts.
Thank you!

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Looks cool. /x/ (and similar) looks really light though.

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The oblique axis isn't very evident. I would rephrase it.

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> I made a pen rotation

Make sure you don't mention that in the description,
to avoid Real type designers from ridiculing you.
BTW, you might look at the descriptions in these
two places for inspiration:

In terms of the design itself, although I personally
think it looks nice, it could certainly have benefited
from a round of critique on Typophile.


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I agree that the "axis" stuff is nowhere in evidence in the design.
Note also, in the specimen "MAGESTIC" should be "MAJESTIC"

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It reminds me of Nyx. Maybe check out the promotional copy for that face.

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I don’t consider it elegant, as the proportions are normal and the weight bold.
Rather, I would say it is finely detailed (which positions it as a display face and also suggests upscale quality).
“Contemporary” is classier-sounding and offers broader scope than “fashionable”, which connotates mere trendiness.

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Elegant = certain proportions and weight?

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Well yeah.
BTW, the bang is too tall.

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It's not a bang. It's a kabong!

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" 'I made a pen rotation'
Make sure you don't mention that in the description,
to avoid Real type designers from ridiculing you."

@ Hrant Huh????????

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Are you saying that "real type designers" eschew the pen?

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Well, the good news is memory loss might cause
you to make a clean break with chirography...


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I am not worried about your ignorance, but more that your narrow mindedness and bigotry will keep you from achieving anything of substance!

Have not seen it yet and now I know why.

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"To me cross-cultural migration is not only unavoidable, but desirable." HP 2010

So you can apply it to cultural arenas but not the tools of the trade.... hmmmmmm?

Who's hindering what?

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