MIT Office Typeface

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Hello, I am interested to know the typeface in the two uploaded pictures.

They are of the doors at the MIT office.

Pictures are taken by Rob Giampetro and seen here:

Thank you in advance,

MIT office

MIT office

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Don't know the face but I suspect the /M/s might be upside-down /W/s, if that helps.

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Thank you for your replies.
The W's do look like upside M's.
I think your observation is correct.

EAQ - Thank you for your link. Although I do not think that Publication JNL is the correct typeface.

Could you please elaborate?

Plus: Any other suggestions please?
Thank you.

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It is indeed similar to De Vinne/Romana - perhaps a custom cut De Vinne for MIT?

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Ah yes.
I can see it in Romana.

Thank you.

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