Modernist Typeface, Probably WWII-ish

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Looking to find out about this typeface. Faema is an Italian company that became popular after WWII. I'm guessing the typeface is from around WWII, and likely European? Any help would be great!

*Getting an HTML 0 error. Can't seem to attach a 192kb image that's a jpg. +1 for the interwebz, -1 for me.

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Downsizing to <130K will avoid that error, which has been on the to-fix list for months apparently.

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Cheers, thanks. Attached (dropped size and used Firefox too...worked like a champ!)

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I’d say custom for the logo.
Look a this slightly different version:

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Yeah, I saw that actually. That thread lead me here. I was thinking something similar to Helvetica (about the same period, I believe) or Pragmatica and then altered. But glad you're thinking custom! Thanks!!

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