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Currently I'm using Crimson throughout including my logo. If I kept Crimson for my text, I should probably find and font that pairs with crimson for my logo.

The brand is very important, timeless classic, modern sophisticated elegance to appeal to the 25-35 year old affluent female.

This blog has 30k words on it and needs to be ledgibeo. :)

Here is a text page.

I need font design help please, font for logo (current graphic remains) menus and text.


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Does it have to be free again?


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No, but it does need to load up in font squirrel. This blog UI only uses FS font kits. I can generate font kits as long as they are not blacklisted. The logo doesn't have to load in FS but the blog fonts would.

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Dude, you shouldn’t run random stuff through FontSquirrel like that. Have you seen the checkbox with the big red bold text next to it in the bottom there? Besides, autohinting is crap. Bloated file size and lousy rendering.

font design help
It’s not too clear from your post what exactly it is you are looking for. Do you want help designing a font? Are you looking for a font that is suitable for online use to go with your logo? Maybe Poynter Serif RE (which can be self-hosted). In any case, quality isn’t free.


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This blog UI only uses FS font kits.

Are you sure? Maybe you should contact the creators of this blog UI and complain about such an arbitrary restriction.

I can generate font kits as long as they are not blacklisted.

I haven't checked, maybe Crimson's EULA allows this kind of use, maybe not.

Since your comment reflects a common misunderstanding:
The fact that fonts are not blacklisted and that FS does not refuse to convert them does not necessarily imply that you are allowed to convert them. It only means that these fonts are ... not blacklisted (yet).
As Frode said, see FS's big red bold text and check the fonts' EULA. That is what matters, rather than whether fonts happen to be blacklisted or not.

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I have a strong tendency to advocate for PT Serif for web text. It's under an OFL-like licence, and I think FontSquirrelgirl has it. Might want to look at Vollkorn as well.

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I tried PT Serif and it seems to work well except the cut off J. As my name start with J, it could be a problem. Vollkorn in caps won't work.

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True, not everyone'll like the short J. Same with the detached Q. It would, however, matter less in body text, which I intended to suggest. PT Sans might work, too, if you prefer a sans-serif there. Both have a caption style for the small text… and, boy, does it make a difference!

Crimson in the logo looks pretty respectable to me. Sure, I'm not an expert, no matter how one stretches, twists or bends that term.

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