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hi folks, I would like to show my last work, it's a logotype for a company of prefabricated wooden house.
company's name was a problem, it's too long "grandes casas prefabricadas", means big prefabricated houses.

crits welcome.

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Sergio, you fall into the trap that I see designers posting here often do. Why does all type have to flush left and right?. First thing I would do is find the smallest size you will ever use the mark and make that work. Then I would do the same thing with the largest use. I would also make it work in black and white first. I'm not in love with 3 sizes of type. I would tend to make Casas dominate and make Grandes and Prefabricadas the same size. Just some thoughts

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Generally, I like the logo. It's visually striking and shows some sophistication.

I agree with Daniel about the type not needing to align like that, but if 'grandes casas' is what you want to emphasize, then it's not a big deal. I understand the desire to have a strong rectangular 'notional space' for the logo. However, 'prefabricadas' does start to lump up and become hard to read at that size.Though, I'm sure that's a hard problem to avoid at small sizes.

The kerning needs work. 'Casas' has gaps like this: CA SA S and 'prefabricadas' has a gap like this PREF ABRICADAS. These should be fixed.

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I wonder what this might look like, if you combined Grandes and Casas onto the same line (about the same size as Prefabricadas, but emphasized through color only vs. size+color), then juxtapositioned the logotype with the graphic mark, and possibly even broke through the rectangle of the graphic with some of those horizontal lines. This would make a much less tidy design, which might not imply prefab as well, but it might be worth exploring.


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hi sergio
Looks fine to me
but I agree with chris, the kerning needs to be worked


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Hi, I really like your logo, and i presume you're brazilian just like me. I just think that the clear lines are just too clear... It's beggining to lose the limits of the square. I checked the colors, and it seems that in CMYK, they are below or around 10 %, which is a huge problem if you intend to print it in newspapers, photocopies, fax. And I agree about the gaps.


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I think in this instance the full-justification of the type works. It makes sense and sits in line with the squareness of the biscuit part of the mark. I wonder what a heavier weight might look like?

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