The Riflery Guild of Noblemen logo

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I would much appreciate critique for this rough starting-point of a logo for a fictional organisation. This is for a school project.

Basically, I am building a professional brand for an exclusive, members-only recreational rifle club that caters to professional shooters and affluent males such as businessmen, politicians etc. and their fathers/sons etc. The concept is to create a higher-end shooting facility and associated products to cater for professional shooters and hobbyists who have the resources to afford a greater quality experience.

Regarding critique, I would like feedback on type combos/choices, general arrangement of elements and effectiveness at representing the brand I have described above.

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"Established of MMXII"

Overall I'd say that it is busier than it needs to be, and it also looks too cluttered (as in lacking white space). Also a perched crow with spread wings implies instability, which is something that doesn't really align with "noble" and "affluent."

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I realize how that reads now. The bird wasn't intended to be a crow, but it's interesting to hear that it looks like one. I'll lose the bird. I will remove 'Gunnery Range' also. The name says enough.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Logos need to work in a small size. Reduce your logo to postage-stamp size and you'll find that some elements become way too small to read.

I'd eliminate "gunnery range", that "x" and "established MMXII" (or else find a much more interesting and legible way to present it).

I wouldn't have a perched bird. It's not sporting to shoot a bird that isn't in flight.

For inspiration you might want to research logos of other exclusive venues, such as high-end golf resorts, luxury restaurants and hotels, men's clubs (not strip joints but traditional mens' clubs for rich guys), etc.

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Here's the revised version. I have eliminated much of the unnecessary elements. I'm debating over the inclusion of a bird at all, but I have changed it.

Is the type tight enough vertically?
What about kerning?

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The all caps is tracked way too tight. The all center aligned composition seems unconsidered. 'of' isn't centered between the horizontal rules. The rules extending beyond the text seems arbitrary and unnecessary. Hope that helps!

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Can you clarify, "center aligned composition" please?

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Yea. All the text is centered. Often when people have trouble arranging things they just center them with everything and think that it looks balanced. It is not a very strong composition in general.

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I see. Can you suggest alternatives then? I have now visually aligned 'The' and 'of'.

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I think you've got the basis of a promising logo, but as apankrat mentioned, it's still looking a little cluttered.

You've got a lot of elements in the logo, and they're all doing different things. The owl (I think it's an owl) is facing left, the italics slope to the right, and the other elements stand upright. Also there's a lot of difference in the relative sizes of the logo elements. The words 'Riflery, Guild, Noblemen' are much larger than the smallest elements.

Perhaps you could try making all the elements closer to each other in size. Also try using the shape of a bird from front on and no italics, which might help with the centering of the logo. And I would have the date read 'EST. MMXII' so people know why the logo includes the year.

Hope that helps

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