How do I type "multiply" and "minus" on a Mac keyboard?

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Maybe the build section isn't the right place to ask this but....

I've tried almost all combinations of shift/option/command/etc and I still can't type the "multiply" and "minus" characters... does anybody know how to do it?

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You can't. They are not part of the standard Mac keyboard layout.

Most commercial fonts include them because they are part of the standard Windows keyboard layout. If you have OS X you can use the system Character Palette to input them into some (most?) programs. In more recent Adobe apps you can use the Glyph palette.

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Not sure about you, but I use the "British Extended" layout, and on this, pressing minus on the keypad gives me a − (U+2212), and pressing option-asterisk on the keypad gives me a × (U+D7; and option-slash gives me a ÷ too; U+F7).

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Option-slash works the same on US keyboards, but not the others.

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