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This is my first post on typophile. I've frequented the boards for some time, and am a great fan of many of the designers here. What a community!

I've been building a type catalog for my upcoming pixel font foundry for a long time, but have in general, been reluctant to throw my work into the mix.

You see, what I don't know about typography, is a lot.

But I do enjoy creating character sets. So, I think it's time I just get over it and show some of my work. I am all too aware of the gains to be had by joining the community, both in general knowledge, and in the quality of my own critiqued work.

My only concern is that I don't have to offer what the community has to offer me

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it looks like a font to be used only for a logotype, because i can't read it very easily.

i wouldn't want to read more than 10 words in this font.

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Yeah, this is definately a titling font. As is Nuetron. Not necessarily restricted to logotype, though. Titles with style.


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Cool!, make me think in a japanese Iron Maiden cover :^P


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Cool!, make me think in a japanese Iron Maiden cover ;P


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Tiffany, thanks for your suggestions. I've read your critiques on other threads for some time, and am thankful you signed on to mine. you always have good insights to offer. Here are two lighter weights to examine. The font, as a whole, starts to break down the lighter the weight gets. Proportionally, I mean. Extra Light needs the descenders to be shortened, I think, but then I encounter point size conflicts with Light and Regular. Take the m for example. Its acenders had to be compromised to keep them from touching tip to tip. They're now one pixel shorter than the rest of the characters.

Miguel, I never thought of the Iron Maiden reference, but now that you mention it, I can picture it perfectly!

Thanks for your post.

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maybe a little thinner? without removing the current spacing? or maybe add spacing. but i agree, this is a titling font. btw that 8 is cool.

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