SWF for licensing...

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I think this is a great notion from an earlier Hrant:

"Hmmm. Would it be nice to have a "Classified Ads"
section in Typophile? People could offer their fonts for
licensing - it could even become an alternative to
submitting to a font house: font houses would come
here to see what's for "sale".

Or maybe make it a subsection of the Critique forum:
finished faces could get an announcement there, citing
the intentions of the designer. I think the News section
wouldn't really work for this type of thing."

A simple discussion of licensing options and houses
would be of great help to new designers.


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Stephen. I think this would be great.

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I would love a fix of the frame layout. it's acting strange at times.

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We're hip-deep in already building out the features you're talking about, and it will most likely go live just as soon as the new forums software gets released (This is v3.10, 4.0 is currently in Beta). The new forum will allow for greater privacy and entitlement, allowing a richer level of interaction. That's really all I can say right now without letting the cat out of the bag.

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I absolutely agree. The frames are the first thing to go!

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