5 more logos - ???, Eclat, FF Trademarker, House Chalet, ??? {Mirko (self), Tiff, Marc O}

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I've some more fonts that I need help on to identify. (I'm designing a logo and search for a modern typeface - just in case anyone wonders ;-)

Dub please Identify both fonts (DUB and mag)
jmuffin FF Trade Marker Bold ?
sinato Nimbus Sans URW++ ?
werf LHF Sugargirl ?

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"sinato" is House Chalet, the Paris 1960 weight.


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"Faceparty" could be Eclat

EDIT: Oops, I didn't read Tiffany's message to the end...

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jmuffin is fftrademarker bold italic with some variation added. faceparty is eclat.

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