Does anyone knows these 2 fonts?

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I'm looking for the names of these fonts or similar fonts. Thank you for your reply.

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Billy Bold
Filmotype Modern

Check what the MyFonts examples are tagged as, eg. casual, bouncy, and you'll find more. "Cartoon" is a good search word too.

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You will find that you get more and faster responses if you use the “Insert Image” link located under the bottom left corner of the comments box.

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Font-1 looks like Walcott, Jason/JukeBox/PeachyKeenJF

Font-2 Looks like /Fontalicious Fonts/Cheri.ttf

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Burbank is top notch...

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For general project reference, I think it's worth looking at the work of Art Chantry. He's amazing at this stuff.

For example, this.

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