Motiva Sans' major facelift.

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Motiva Sans has received a major facelift, with revised shapes, all new true italics, small caps, and OT features.

Until March first, it's available at the old price of 10.00 a piece or 45.00 for the whole family (6 weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Light Italic, Regular Italic and Bold Italic)!

Check it out at MyFonts!


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In keeping with the tennis theme of your samples, "well played!" I've added it to my "consider for publication use" album on MyFonts.

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Nice! I only wondered why you did not create 'real' ligatures, not the combined glyphs they are now. I think that especially in the italic this could make a positive aesthetic difference. And perhaps you could fine-tune the fractions, as the fraction bar seems too thick to my eye. Just nitpicking..., nice job and nice price too!

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Thanks Marc, glad you like it!
Queneau, I'm with you on the fractions bar. And on the ligatures, especially for the italics. I'm adding to my toDo list. I didn't think it was truly necessary on the uprights, but the italics can definitely benefit from it.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Ah, and the good news, it´s 50% off til March 1st...
That´s like 7,50 per weight if you buy the complete family.

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