Deleting a forum post?

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Hello all dear and great typographers.

I just wonder how could I permanently delete a posted article in a forum?

Thank you for your time.

Ash O.

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Try the bottom left "Delete" button after clicking the "Edit" link.

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Thank you for the hint.

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How can I delete or edit the first post in a new topic I started?

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Sounds very simple, but I don't see any "Edit" link. Where is it?

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I think nowadays there is a window of time during which you can edit posts, after which you would need a moderator to make changes.

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I was wondering the same thing. It seems you can edit all posts except for the ones that start threads.

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Is that a new change? For a log time people could delete the original post. Which was stupid. But they could do it.

At the moment I can't even post new topics though I can reply.

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