Exporting T1 Mac Suitcase in Fontlab

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Hi everyone.
I'm having a lot of trouble exporting a mac suitcase (T1) in Fontlab 4.6, MacOSX.

The manual says that FOND name and FOND ID must be the same for the different files in the same suitcase. But when I try to put, for example, a plain and an italic weights into the same suitcase and check the "Adobe Type Reunion compatible", it pops a message saying that FOND IDs are duplicated. When I export the suitcase (without "Adobe Type Reunion compatible") and install it in Extensis Suitcase, the program crashes. And when I simply put the suitcase file into the system fonts folder and test it in any aplication like illustrator or freehand, there are missing weights and wrong associations (for example the Light weight is associated to Medium weight).


Thank you

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please take a look at the FontLab FAQ on http://www.fontlab.com/ , perhaps the directions given there will help you.


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Now it's working, thanks Adam.

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