First logo/type upload for critique (please)


some joins are a bit rough...

just getting my head around the shift to illustrator from freehand MX but i'll get there - in at the deep end

i consider myself a branding / logo expert - this is what i do best...

my customer imports high end large format printers and supplies for signwriting and billboards.

i have thrown together 2 A4 pages to show the job progression...

first page is overview of my initial presentation to the client... included for the younger designers here to see the "concepts"... there were equal number of concepts not presented to the client. as you can see i was hung up in the "bubble jet" dot concept for a while... then i moved on to "slicker" concepts...


customer saw the white one reversed out of black and said it was good but needed further refinement...

feedback included
-maybe it needed more blue
-stencil font was ok to boss but 2ic hated it!
-make more of a feature out of the EP cross bar thingy

so here i am looking for external feedback...

some of the more experienced designers will pick up on what i have done with letter spacing, width etc...


enjoy - go hard...

thanks, B


are those links gonna be a problem?

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Public service:


thanks for the fix...

anybody looking at this?

leave a message!

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I am digging the dot-matrix style stuff, with the word print it just feels right. I especially like where you are going with the first group, second logo down from the top.

Theo T's picture

I was drawn to the last group - Black with blue E-P gradient. Nice clean, precise look.

penn's picture

Your refinements are going the wrong way. It's looking gimmicky—like an beginner's attempt at geometric lettering—especially characters 'E' and 'B'.

Why highlight the connection between the 'E' and 'P'?

Luma Vine's picture

As an identity, it is almost impossible to evaluate without knowing more about the brief. Who is the audience? What are the kewords, messages, feelings, etc that need to be communicated? It sounds like the feedback you got was about visual impact and not about concept and message. Both are important, so don't get sucked into just trying to make the name pretty. The dot matrix concept says something more specific than the others, but to me it suggests an outdated and low resolution printing process. You said 'high end' so it seems that is a miss. What 'high end' means in this context could be 'hi tech' or 'high fashion' depending on the details of the audience and company, and each would yield very different results in the target message.

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