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Does anybody know where I can find these kind of initials or anything similar? I saw them on a Penguin book cover designed by David Pearson.

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Hi Jane. Not exactly what you might be looking for but, have a look at Viktor Koens works. He does pretty bizarre but interesting things. You can view his Toyphabet at here.

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You might also like Exotica.

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Not luscious as the sample, but in the same vein:
Even less luscious: (font two)

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Scriptorium also has some decorative initials.

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And this:!Limberjack.html

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Thanks guys, I'll check the links out!

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Also, have a look at this high resolution letters by Novo Typo

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Our work is shown above (Pure typeface). We are available for customized typedesign (photographic or vectorized type-illustration) - a complete typeface or just a few characters.
Please check the website:
or mail us for more info:

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To answer my own question: the initials are Italian ornamental letters dating from 1839. They can be found in a book by Laurence Scarfe called "Alphabets: An introductory treatise on written and printed letter forms for the use of students".

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