need help / suggestions for abbreviations

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hi guys,

I'm doing abbreviation studies for an event my school is having, and its more focused on bringing together designers, educators, students, and social innovators to discuss the 'new frontier" of the jobs emerging for the deigned committed to making social impact in the world of non-profits, companies, and social enterprises. the school wants this to be a morph of a symposium and a conference; more interactive, encourage dissuasions, and come up with ideas and solutions. so i thought "lab" would be nice, and so does my professor. but he wants me to push that idea and think of what L.A.B. can stand for. EX: "SONAR" stands for SOund NAvigation & Ranging. i was wondering if you guys can help me think of what LAB can stand for, I'm kind of stuck.

some ideas i thought of were:

Lift All Boundries
Lending Artists Breadth

note: it can be L______ of A_____ and B______


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i took a look at the creative brief and decided it would be appropriate to really study the content, and how they're use in context. here are all the words that were used in the creative brief:

L: lead, leading, leave, lectures, likely, line, lists, live, location, lunch, lunches, lunchtime,

A: about, across, actionable, activism, activities, activity, advanced, advise, affords, after, afternoon, all, amatullo, an, and, another, appear, applications, appropirate, are, area, around, art, art center, artists, as, at, atmosphere, attached, attendee, attendees, attends, audience, award

B: background, bad, based, be, before, better, bill, bios, bold, book, brad, brand, branding, break, breakout, breaks, bried, bring, business, but, by

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Learning And Bonding.


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learning and bonding was one of the abbreviations i presented, but he didnt really like it...

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maybe Launch And Build?

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> the 'new frontier" of jobs

Learning About Bankruptcy

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haha nice james

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"Learned & Applied Branding."

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Last Action Before

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