Vertical stem on dcroat

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Hi all,
I'm unable to find a explanation, if there is one, about dcroat glyph. Specifically about placement and width of vertical steam. I tried to open some existing CE fonts just for refernce and it looks like most of the time it has the same width as "uni02C9" (macron) glyph.
Is there any general consensus about this.

ps.sorry for bad english

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According to Microsoft:

Lowercase d with stroke - dyet
Unicode: U+0111

Design : This character's is used in the Croatian, Vietnamese, Macedonian and Serbian languages. Its design is based on the lowercase d with an added bar. The bar should be the same thickness as other lowercase characters with bars. Vertically the bar should be visually centered between the x-height and the ascender. It should horizontally extend to the right of the stem similarly to the serif in serif designs and enough to be visible at small size but not long enough to cause spacing problems for sans serif designs. To the left the bar should extend approximately one half the width of the lower bowl of the d and in italic designs visually one half the bowl.

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thanks a bunch!, that was exactly what i was looking for.

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