2003 documentary about Bram de Does, called Systematisch slordig

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Does anyone here knows here I can buy online, a copy of 2003 documentary about Bram de Does, called "Systematisch slordig"?


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Thank you for your effort...
Before I asked here I made a very good search online. The regular sites, amazon, and of course Google. And in fact I got the page that you refer. If you did not notice, that page refers to other sites (the page it self dont sell, its just a "Media References and collectibles of all sorts". In my case the "DVD Systematisch Slordig" goes to this site that aparently "...has moved and is now part of the website of the ‘Bijzondere Collecties’ Library of the University of Amsterdam". I did followed the link and came up to a another site and after a search I got result=0.
Thats why I asked help to my dear friends from typophile :)


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As said above, Nijhof & Lee once had it, but the store has moved to the ‘Bijzondere Collecties’, during which most of the stock has been sold off.

I believe it will be extremely tricky to get a copy of it, I know some of them are around, but all are in personal collections. And don't expect the TROS (The TV station which originally published it) to do a repress.

Guess you'll have to lucky to run into one.

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