.FOG in FontLab?

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Can I open native Fontographer files (4.1) in FontLab 4.6?


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I have not been able to make this work but it may just be my ignorance. What I did was generate the font in FOG and then open the generated PostScript font in FontLab.


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This is what I always do too. Generate both a pfb and an afm if you have any kerning (& why wouldn't you?). I use the ADVANCED setting in generating fonts with Fontographer, because it lets one specify a custom encoding and & also set the font type to "decorative".

I've done this for several years -- I use Fontographer because it is what I know best, then run the font through FontLab to remove all the bugs Fontographer seems to periodically throw in. Pretty soon now I'll have to abandon the training wheels & use FontLab from the get-go.


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Dan, last September there was extensive discussion about this on the T-D list, with Yuri and Adam from FontLab commenting extensively. The short answer is no, other than methods such as those mentioned above. The FOG format is proprietary and Macromedia is apparently not willing to make it public. If you want to investigate further, here is the archive of the discussion in question:


The topic was "designing versus technifying in FLAB". It gets pretty pointless at times, but there's some interesting information in there, too.

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Thanks. That is what I was afraid of

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If it's any consolation, it usually takes less time (often considerably less time) to recreate something than it did to create it in the first place, assuming it's still fresh in your mind.

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Yeah, I know. It isn't SO tragic, more of an annoyance. And, it has pretty much sealed my decion to switch over to FL altogether (soon

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