Introducing FOUNDFONT and the art of Typographic Archaeology

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FOUNDFONT™ is a type project by Andy Hayes of Hucklebuck Design Studio (That's me). FOUNDFONT™ is dedicated to typographic archaeology, creating display OpenType fonts based on found and obscure examples.

We are running a launch promotion through February 5th selling all fonts individually for $5 and the set of 8 for $35.

Visit our storefront at and follow us on twitter at @foundfont.

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You can find archaeology in the dictionary.

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Ugh. Teaches me to rely on spell check. Thanks for that.

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This is from the dictionary on my Mac.

My old "Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary" agrees. The OED online however does not find "archeology".

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Holy shit! Someone invented finding old type and lettering specimens and using them for reference! MY **** MIND IS BLOWN!

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Wow, really. Nothing's new James, we all know this. Just having fun, sharing my process. Shocked to get such instant negativity. This is more illustration than a proper typographic character study. Obviously.

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Just the English 25 uppercase letters for each, sometimes with punctuation? Useless to me.

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