5 logos - ???, Platelet, Bullet, Gotham, House Gothic 23 {Yves, Mark S}

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can you please help me to identify the following fonts.


\image {applogger}
\image {notype}
\image {pornoking}
\image {purplex}
\image {secretgarden}

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The HTML doesn't seem to work for me. here are the Pictures as Attachmentapploggernotypepornokingpurplexxsecretgarden

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I think purplexx is actually Gotham.

pornoking is House's Bullet Small Caps.

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Thanks a lot. That was fast.

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Okay, here we go:

No|type is customized Platelet

purplexx is customized Neutraface

Secret Garden is customized House Gothic 23

Don't know about the rest -- if nobody has identified them by
tomorrow (it's almost midnight here) I'll look them up.

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