1923 Specimen Book

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I have a huge book for sale if anyone is interested.
Specimen Book and Catalogue 1923. Good condition from Grandpa's library. $350. It looks like it is a typesetter's dream. (Cynnielou@aol.com)

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No offense, but that's an outraaaaaaaageous price for that book.

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Maybe a little on the high side, but it's a pretty big book!

Here's one on Etsy for $345:


Another for $375:


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Just looked at the sites.........boy someone sure got some use out of the one for $375. Thanks for the sites to check them out Gillo.

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There are some out there for much less too! My own copy also has ink splattered on the cover, and a single set of illustrations cut out and taped back in. I don't know how much it cost, though, as it was a gift.

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More than $150 is a ripoff for this book. If you’re patient it will turn up in the $100–$150 range on Amazon.

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Four copies on Amazon right now from $80 to $350 - I paid $150 several years ago for my copy.

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This one has nothing cut out of it. Looks like it wasn't used very much. Mine also has some white splatters on the cover of it but faint.

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I got mine for around $125, I think, about a decade ago. It's in good condition. I could see a fine copy going for maybe $200. But unless it’s very fine, pristine actually, I don’t know if you’ll get $350.

And I don’t see the biggest market for this being serious book collectors, so condition is less of a value. As long as the pages are clear, most type hounds will be happy to save a couple hundred and get a fair or good copy and don’t need pristine.

Still, can’t hurt to start as an asking price, I suppose. Good luck.

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