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I am doing a corporate identity program and have created a logo patterned off Neo Sans and Aura. I am using Neo Sans as the display type and was wondering what would be a good serif typeface for longer entries of text, such as in a brochure. I was thinking that a typeface with slightly squared shapes would be a good, yet any search for squared serif only finds slab serif typefaces. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Start looking at Melior.

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Melior is indeed the prime example of a squarish serif. I think it could be a good match to Neo Sans.

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Thanks very much. That's what I was looking for in terms of a "squarish" serif.

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Ok, I checked out Melior. While it's a nice font, the italic doesn't look well-designed. It appears as if the regular font was given a slant as an afterthought in order to have an italic version of the face. Meta Serif is quite nice with a nicely designed italic. Doesn't have the same square amount as melior, but certainly more than your usual serif faces. I'm leaning toward that one right now, but still looking at other options.

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Rikard — For some reason, the FontShop link that Joe provided for Ibis above does not show the italics. Try this:

You might take another look. Download the PDF to see sample text settings.

The inspirations behind Ibis included Melior. I think the italic is a particularly nice match-up.

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Thanks Kent. While I do like the square aspect of the font, I feel the serifs are too strong for easy reading in smaller point sizes. The one thing I don't like about Meta Serif is that the upward strokes on the M aren't straight, but instead slant outward. The ideal font would be Melior, but with a nice italic.

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I think Ibis is perfect for reading. But if you want something a bit more humanist than Ibis and you want to avoid Melior, then perhaps Pagewalker, Cavole Slab or Loreto? Sommet Serif is also quite squarish but it has a very sharp texture which I think isn't what you need.

Other than that I think for a squarish serif you will have to look at slab serifs. In my opinion Ibis is still your best choice though.

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