How can I replicate this exactly in Illustrator CS5?

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Hi, first of all I'm just starting out with Illustrator CS5, and I'm trying to replicate this logo exactly as a practice.
I've tried the Extrude and Bevel 3D effect after adding the fill gradients to the objects, but I can't manage to get the gradient fill on the edges.

Any other procedure and help is appreciated.

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Howdy, isn't this a simple matter of feathering the edge of an object(s) Effect > Stylize > Feather?

You also used a Gradient Mesh here's a tute for that...

And, you could also try using an Opacity Mask...

Edge feathering mini tute...

Good luck, hope that helps.

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5star, thanks a lot for your your info. It was very useful.

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5star, I looked at all the links, tried to do the effect, but haven't had any luck. Can you please tell me step by step how you did it?

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Show us the results of your efforts so far, and describe step-by-step how you arrived at it.

It'll be easier for us to see which part you might need help with.

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I first used the blue gradient, then feathered. After that I applied the extrude and bevel, but I can't get it to have a thicker edge.

I don't know if that's the way 5star did it.

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Forget extrude and bevel. Just one flat object with a gradient under a copy of the object with a slightly different gradient and a feathered edge. No stroke or other effects on either object.

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Thanks Luma Vine, now I understand how 5star did it. I tried it and it works great. But after playing around a while I managed to do it with the 3D Extrude and Bevel options, expanding, compounding path, deleting... I forgot how, ha ha. Gonna try and do it again. This time I'll write it down.
Thanks for everything guys.

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