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I still have a few glyphs left and some cleanup left to do with extra points that I'll be working on later, then trying to find a place to put it up for sale(Any suggestions?). Line height(As in next line spacing) was getting wonky when I was playing with it in illustrator while mixing different type sizes, but it was fine in In-Design.- So, I am not entirely sure what's going on.

Is the spacing between lines calculated by ascender, descender, caps height, x-height?

How do you exclude certain glyphs while compiling without having it add in defaults?

Still unsure about the name yet, as well.

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You ought to settle on a consistent horizontal stroke weight, preferably one in between the extremes you've got. And that 7 is not sufficiently distinguished from a 1.

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Fixed line weight issues. Thanks for the feedback, cerulean.

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I usually hate constructivist stuff, but this I like. The low waisted H isn't doing it for me, and is inconsistent with the E and F. The wacky high waisted K some how works, but maybe would still have the flavor you want, and more balance, with the waist a little lower.

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The /K/ isn't working for me, but maybe lowering the waist would be enough to fix it.
Perhaps a more square structure for /Y/ would be fitting.
The diagonal weights are all over the place. Make them match optically.

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Updated with png previews for now. I'm trying to re-work my display specimen right now so it looks more visually appealing. I have about four different places that I am going to try submitting this one to.

- Changed the lower waist on the H.
- Changed the Y to more of a square structure. This made a big difference, made it feel more complete.
- Reworked the X as well, more narrow and line weight made it feel more uniform.
- Changed the diagonal weights, also another big improvement.
- Finished metrics and kerning. (Probably could use a bit more fine tuning, but overall I think it's ready to submit).
- Scaled down asterisk.
- Scaled % sign down to CAP height.
- I forgot to put the Yen symbol on this one, but I fixed the line weight on that, kept it as a normal Y shape.
- Completed the remaining glyphs out of the default 245 glyphs.

The K didn't seem to work at all when I moved the waist down.- It felt disconnected and strange.

Thanks everyone for their feedback so far- It's amazing what small changes can really do when you put them all together.

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