To what extent does IE7 turn on Cleartype on Windows XP

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I was reading over on another thread on here that IE7 might not just turn CT on at an app level but at an OS level too when installed. Can anyone confirm that it will turn CT on system wide by default?

My scenario is that I've been overseeing a large website build which potentially could have a larger than average number of legacy users locked to IE6 due to out of date institutionalised systems. We have hand picked a selection of typefaces for both legacy and optimum setups (in regards to CT rendering) and i now need to confirm to the coder which scenarios to display which typefaces (based on their hinting). I currently have legacy typefaces (B&W) set to be displayed in Windows XP IE6 and all Chrome (as these browsers down force CT on). HOWEVER if IE7 is turned on at a system level when installed i'd be more likely to only apply legacy typefaces to IE6 as i think its more likely that a user using chrome is likely to have IE7 installed.




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IE 7 did not change the system defaults for ClearType in Windows, it only set the default in the application to ClearType.


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