Poirot TV Show Font?

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Here is a little detective work for you. If you please, I would like to know if anyone can identify the font used in the opening credits of the TV show Poirot:

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I think what you are looking for is
Plaza (ITC)

A simliar version is http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/efscangraphic/plaza-sh/

Hope that helps

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I have seen Plaza referenced in my previous searches, but it is definitely not the right font.

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I absolutely LOVE Poirot, although the graphics are butt ugly. Always thought of Mostra when I saw the intro, but that's a more recent revival of the style I think.

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It is a great show, n'est-ce pas? Lots of great art deco and arts & crafts styling in the show...including this mystery font, whatever it is. I hope someone here can use their little grey cells to figure out what it is!

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If no one comes up with a match (by the way, the sample looks somewhat distorted), a couple fonts in the style could be:

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